Fashion Travel Diary- The Power of Red and Black

Red Outfit, Balboa Park, Red and black outfit

Discovering the power of red and black is new to my fashion diary outfits. I wear sometimes red but I don’t usually dare to contrast a total red outfit with black. However, fashion for me is about change. Experimenting with colors is part of my life as a fashion and style blogger. I was influenced by the October cover of W magazine, a painting by the famous American artist Barnett Newman and Celine’s red bag worn with a black pair of pants at the Paris fashion show. The pictures are from a day, I spent with my sister in Balboa Park in San Diego, which is another of my favorite places around La Jolla. We went to the Museum of Art, one of the 15 museums inside the park. I was wearing my new Zara red brocade pants with a red top, a black leather Calvin Klein jacket and my black BB Manolo Blahnik stiletto shoes. I would prefer to wear my red silk shirt (see here the amazing total red resort 2013, Celine outfit) but even though I always travel heavy, in the 50 kilos of clothes in my suitcases, I didn’t have that one with me.

leather jacket Calvin Klein

Balboa park Museum of Art

Museum of Art in Balboa Park

Red Black outfit Collage

Balboa park

Red Black Outfit Collage

Red and black  Inspiration Collage

Museum of Art Balboa, outfit Collage

I was wearing:

Black leather jacket Calvin Klein similar here and here

Sunglasses Dolce Gabbana,

Pants Red Zara you can find similar here and  here

Shoes black BB Manolo Blahnik you can find here,

Handbag Celine you can find here,

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Have a lovely Month!!!


    1. I am not so familiar with red and black but i in that color combo this season!

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