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Fashion, Travel and Marmaris - TrendSurvivor

Fashion, Travel and Marmaris

Fashion, Travel, and Marmaris
Marmaris Marina

Marmaris is one of the most fashionable places in all of Turkey and a great place to visit for some unique sights and experiences. If you are thinking of spending a holiday in the town then you will appreciate a quick look at some of the many places to visit in Marmaris.

There are countless destinations in Marmaris for anyone looking for a frolic in the water. These range from the natural beauty of Marmaris Beach to more recent attractions such as Atlantis Waterpark and AquaDream, both of which are ideal places to visit if you are taking children. Those who prefer to lie back and bask in the sun will also be well served by the gorgeous beaches of this coastal town.

Fashion, Travel, and Marmaris

The city also has a vibrant nightlife: you will find no shortage of places to visit in Marmaris after dark. Across Long Beach you will be able to experience karaoke, dance halls and more, while Armutalan has a range of bars that will be of interest to any visitor. It is also possible to go on a moonlight cruise – the perfect opportunity for a memorable party night.

Sometimes we all need a break from the modern world, and Marmaris delivers in this area as well. From the town you will have access to a set of spectacular Lycian tombs, cut into the rock-faces and standing as monuments of the region’s rich past.



Aslı Güler Koleksiyonu

The influence of Turkish dress on Western clothing goes back centuries, so it would not hurt to pay attention to what is going on in the fashion scene of Marmaris and the rest of Turkey. Across the country fashion designers are melding hot new looks with the rich flavour of traditional Turkish garments, creating beautiful new mixtures as a result. If you pay a visit to Marmaris you will get a chance to see the latest in Turkish fashion first hand.


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  1. That brings back memories. I went there ten years ago – to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary and it is indeed a beautiful place. I remember opening the curtains of the hotel room first thing in the morning and the first word out of my mouth was “WOW”. We had arrived in the middle of the night and had no idea of what to expect. We had the most wonderful time.

    1. What a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.. in a magical place with breathtaking views!

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