SMART FINDS FASHION : Tom Binns and Tom Binns… Look Alike

KirnaZabete-Tom-Binns-Splash-Out-Phosphorescent-Necklace-31Hi Girls!!! I love Tom Binns!!! The Irish jewelry designer with his tough-luxe style blends elegance with edgy cool aesthetic. His line was launched in 2004 and his followers include my favorite stylish German actress Daine Kruger !!! Even though his sculls and safety pin where my favorite for this season I would choose a multi colored Swarovksi crystal necklace for 1290 euro, you can it find here… if money was no object, that is. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found a Tom Binns look alike for 17 euro at Zara in Madrid airport!!!
KirnaZabete-Tom-Binns-Counter-Culture-Safety-Pin-Necklace-31Tom Binns : Safety Pins and neon Svarovski crystals, you can find here
Tom Binns multi colored earrings, you can find here
Bottega Venta
Bottega Veneta stunning multicolored necklace, you can find here
Zara Tom Binns Look alikeAnd voila this is my Zara Tom Binns look alike!!! Not bad at all huh?? A friend told me yesterday she saw someone wearing it and she was so impressed she asked her where she got it? And do you know what she answered?? Ah it’s from the States … without mentioning Zara!!! That is why we bloggers are here to set the record straight!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!




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