Fashion Resort 2013 : Don’t Blend In Life is too Short


2013 Collage Phillip Lim, Givenchy, Jason Wu, Missoni

Before this year’s vacations start I already know what I could pack in my bags next year. The resort 2013 collections are being published and I had the chance to make a collage of  my favorites. Color will make us smile… androgynous look will make us feel strong! My favorite inspiring outfits from  Phillip Lim, Givenchy, Jason Wu and Missoni …that don’t blend in.

2013 Collage from top to bottom :

Phillip Lim : I love this unique black leather jumpsuit with the white top

  Givenchy : What can I say about this inspiring pants and amazing shirt

Jason Wu : 1950’s lady meets boy .. all in one dress WOW!

Missoni : Such a cute dress!!

Which is your favorite ? Are you afraid to be different?

I say No to Fashion bullying  with FAB!

“Life is too short to blend in and everyone should have the option of dressing as they wish without being subjected to criticism.”

I was fashion bullied in school too in school and I guess I still am, behind my back..:) but I don’t care!

 I resist to blend in and I am proud to be different!

Anyway, now I have a successful fashion blog with thousands of readers. Who has the last laugh?

Have a lovely Day!!!





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