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Fashion News- It's Number oneonone... Rakas Fashion Line - TrendSurvivor

Fashion News- It’s Number oneonone… Rakas Fashion Line

oneoneone pants top showroom

Hi girls! Are you ready for the preview of a new one? I just finished editing the pictures of the private viewing of an amazing fashion line and I am ready to share a Greek designed- Greek made brand that will be launched this September at Sofos boutiques, Attica and high end stores all over Greece. The name behind the design and production team is Rakas, always there with innovative, creative ideas to satisfy their chic clientele. Get ready for the first collection that I am sure will soon become a number …oneonone.

oneoneone pants top beige
Season less pants and romantic chic beige top
oneoneone casual bomber  jacket, sofos
Edgy Bomber jacket
oneoneone casual trendy Rakas
Casual Trendy
oneoneone ladylike brocard jacket
oneoneone ladylike brocard jacket
oneoneone black and white print pants, Rakas, Sofos
Black and white print pants soon at Sofos
Peplum top
oneonone printed pants
oneonone printed pants
oneoneone shirts
oneoneone shirts
Oneonone skirt black and white
Oneonone skirt black and white
oneoneone samples red
Samples oneonone
Stripped Isabel Marants beige snickers
blue black collection clothing line
Blue and black clothing line
oneoneone black and white
Black and white lace ladylike jacket and scuba leggings
Loved this ladylike Chanel style jacket
Loved this ladylike Chanel style jacket
Oneonone black seasonless dress
Oneonone black seasonless dress
oneoneone blue black white
Cobalt Blue, white and black outfits
oneoneone scuba skirt black
oneoneone scuba skirt black
oneonone shirt black skirt
oneonone shirt black long skirt
oneoneone pants stretch
Stripped pants
oneoneone lookbook on pc
Shhh it’s the oneonone lookbook from Fillipa’s computer at Rakas offices
Love Lena’s top and Christina’s watch
oneoneone top illustration
oneoneone top illustration


For more information you can contact Rakas 

Have a lovely Day!!!



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