Fashion News- Get ready for a New ONE!

oneoneone lace details

Oh! I had an amazing time yesterday! I was invited to a private viewing of a stylish new designer collection at Rakas head offices. I entered the showroom of the new fashionable brand oneonone like Alice wondering in Wonderland. Rakas group which is widely considered to be Greece’s coolest retailer with brands including Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Murberry and Isabel Marant just to name a few, has launched a new affordable amazing brand. Oneonone is 24 hour style collection with pieces ranging from trendy casual to elegant evening wear. You will see it soon in Sofos, Attica and high end fashion retailers al over Greece who have just started placing their orders. Stay tuned I am working on the pictures I took yesterday and on getting the black scuba flirty skirt for my trip to New York for the IFB conference.

 Have a lovely Day!!!



    1. Thank you Jasmine .. I am always happy around pretty clothes and lovely creative people!!!

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