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Fashion in Space... Meets Film, Art and Music - TrendSurvivor

Fashion in Space… Meets Film, Art and Music

cover_dervishes Christian Straub
Dervishes in Space by Cristian Straub

Fashion Forward Hat

Cristian Straub Model

High Fashion Crazy

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A peak to the future…

Film director Cristian Straub creates an amazing three part ” Science Fashion Film Saga”. He merges high Fashion, Science-Fiction, Music Video and Art in a unique Film. I am in Love!!!

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward White Costume

Artistic Fashion

It’s Fashion meets Film, meets Art, meets New Technology. It’s Fashion communicated in our digital age and it goes straight to our heart. Dervishes in Space is an  intense experience celebrating Beauty. Cristian Straub used his backround in classic cinema, music and art to create this new series of  avant-garde video! Fantastico-futuristic!!!!


“DERVISHES IN SPACE is a fashion film trilogy revolving around three futuristic space travelers. When their space station crosses an unknown energy field, the astrogirls are into a hyper-reality where their inmost desires and fears become uncannily vivid…”

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

 Have a lovely Day!!!



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