Fashion Icon Lynn Dell’s 10 Style Tips

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I just discovered the 10 style tips by fashion icon Lynn Dell and thought you would find them useful and interesting. The 80 year old Advanced Style muse, Lynn Dell, is the owner of Off Broadway Boutique, one New York’s most glamorous shops, located on the Upper West Side. According to “For over 40 years Lynn has helped women discover their personal style and inner beauty. She is more confident and daring than ever. ” Check out her top ten style tips and a wonderful video interview by the Man Repeller for Pose below. (BTW you can follow me on Pose here)

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Lynn Dell’s Top Ten Style Tips

1. “We must dress everyday for the theatre of our lives.”

2. “You must have a smile, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

3. “My philosophy is fashion says ‘me too,’ while style says ‘only me.'”

4. “It’s not what you are wearing, It’s how you put it together.”

5. “Dress for yourself. If you are happy, you will make the world happy.”

6. “Accessories are the most important thing. You can wear the same thing many times by adding different jewelry, scarves or a hat.”

7. “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.”

8. “Your attitude is your altitude.”

9. “When you walk into a room with a hat, you own the room.”

10. “I like strong colors and I like strong people. All colors work if the intensity is strong enough.”


Video The Man Repeller with Lynn Dell

Do you need a new hat?

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  1. I had never heard of her before but she appears to be a great experienced fashion icon. Thanks for introducing her to me – I probably should have known about her given I blog about fashion! I agree with all of her quotes, especially the one about accessories – I’m a true believer in that! But all the quotes are fabulous – I will print this off. Thanks Nina x

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