Fashion and Home Decor | Black and White Refresh

Street Style Black and White RefreshHit restart on your wardrobe and home decoration with an update on black and white.  Find all the inspiration you need for a New Year fresh start and check out the new style rules.

Spring calls for single sole shoes, mini bags and maxi skirts!

Simplistic designs are as fashionable as elaborate bohemian clothes and both, used in the right doze,  can make for a refined and polished look.

orchid glass

white t-shirt smile more

home decor orchid

Street Style Paris

Quote, always remember to fall asleep with a dream

Street style Black and White Refresh

white couch

chanel SS2015

freedom is a state of mind

black pants white top, Happily Grey

Entrance black and white

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Images- HappilyGrey, tumblr

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  1. I like those shoes that look like mokasinia with a little bracelet around the ankle. What brand are they, do you know? xxxx

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