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Famous Iconic Wedding Dresses to flatter your body type - TrendSurvivor

Famous Iconic Wedding Dresses to flatter your body type

The most iconic wedding dresses come in every style. If you are looking for wedding gown inspiration to flatter your body type, you landed on the right page.

It’s not a secret to anyone that wedding dress shopping has a high degree of difficulty. It’s entails much more than following bridal trends.

So what if “Audacity was on the menu as designers toyed with transparency, or its wispy illusion, in the shape of sheer tulle dresses, see-through necklines traced with lace, and fluttery skirts that revealed a hint of leg. ” The point is to look and feel your absolute best!

Royal weddings have provided many of the most iconic bridal gowns.

I am sure you can picture Diana, Princess of Wales, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, or even Grace Kelly in their gowns.

I loved Kate Moss’s ethereal John Galliano design.

Memorable bridal moments include long white dresses, some very short and some very wide.


The 10 most Iconic Wedding Gowns

Angelina Jolie

23/08/2014 - M. Brad Pitt - Designed by Versace - L. Mass

23/08/2014  Married to Brad Pitt  Designed by Versace – L. Mass

Flatters Apple shape figures

Audrey Hepburn 3rd wedding

Audrey_Hepburn_ 3rd wedding Guvenchy illustration

18/01/1969 Married to Andrea Dotti – Designed by: Hubert de Givenchy

Flatters Pear shaped figures

Christina Ricci

wedding dress illustration

Date: 26/10/2013  Designed by: Givenchy – R. Tisci

Ellen DeGeneres

Elen DeGeneres wedding gown illustration

16/08/2008 – Married to Portia De Rossi – Designed by: Zach Posen

Flatters boyish figures

Kate Moss

Kate Moss iconic wedding dress illustration

01/07/2011 – Married to Jamie Hince – Iconic wedding dress designed by: John Galliano

Flatters boyish figures

Kate Moss wore a custom-made gown by John Galliano, which was exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2014 as part of it’s exhibition of wedding dresses.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker wedding dress

19/05/1997 – Married to  Matthew Broderick – Designed by: Morgane Le Fay

Flatters boyish and pear shaped body types

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham wedding dress illustration

 04/07/1999 – Married to David Beckham – Designed by: Vera Wang

Flatters full figures

The couple changed into matching purple outfits by Antonio Berardi for the reception, where they famously were seated on custom-made thrones.

Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson wedding dress

03/06/1937 – Married to Edward VIII – Designed by: Unknown

Flatters boyish shaped figures

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad wedding gown

13/09/2014 – Married to William Tell – Designed by: M. Badgley – J. Mischka

Flatters full figures too.

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo wedding dress illustration

13/09/2014 – Married William Tell – Designed by: M. Badgley – J. Mischka

Flatters boyish figures and pear shaped


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