Facebook- Is GLIMSE by The Find, the Next generation… Pinterest or Fashiolista?


Are you “loving” your favorite fashionable items and “pinning” your life away? If you are completely addicted to Fashiolista and Pinterest, like I am, you must check out this new Facebook app. Glimpse by TheFind has teamed with Microsoft Internet Explorer to launch the latest in online shopping. Glimpse is similar to Pinterest in the sense that you have all your ‘likes’ in one place. However, there’s a catch!

Glimpse Papaioannou

Glimse application FACEBOOK

Like Pinterest, you pick your favorite products and ‘like’ them to create your own personalized catalogue. You are also able to see what your friends are ‘liking’. This is the part I like, Glimpse will send you notifications when your favorite ‘likes’ are on sale! Does smart shopping get any easier than that?

You can find my Glimpse page  here

I just signed in with my facebook account because as a fashion blogger, I am always ready to try new apps related to fashion plus I love social shopping, smart shopping and sharing. I am ready for an enjoyable experience that is considered to be the next generation shopping.

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