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Incredible exclusive shoes, a true work of art, born from a man’s passion? That is a Conspiracy! Gianluca Tamburini, designer of the brand Conspiracy, is one of the winners of the 8th edition of Who is on Next? The project of fashion scouting for young talents in fashion Made in Italy, created and developed by AltaRoma in collaboration with Vogue Italia. These Italian hand-made shoes that look like jewels are created with traditional materials such as leather, wood, feathers and corals. If you desire exclusive and precious shoes -and can pay the price-  you will love these. You can buy them online directly from their website.

exclusive shoes, Conspiracy, Gianluca Tamburini

The sculpture-soles are made by aeronautical-aluminum. The patience to hand polishing and the brightness of a galvanic palladium. The technology and the resistance of nano-ceramic coatings. Groundbreaking materials and technologies, kept from F1 and aeronautics, that hold, or rather lift a woman on a heel 12.

exclusive shoes, Conspiracy, Gianluca Tamburini

So, could I call my next shoe purchase an investment in contemporary art? I think Mrs. Franca Sozzani, Director of Vogue Italia would say, Si. She was one of the prestigious international jury of experts that during the award ceremony she said: “Creativity is free and Gianluca Tamburini has shown it. His work is special and unique”. As you can see there is no limit to his creativity. I hope you enjoyed these unique inspiring shoes. Now, tell me would you wear them? I know, I would!

exclusive shoes, Conspiracy, Gianluca Tamburini

exclusive shoes, Conspiracy, Gianluca Tamburini

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