Events- Zilly Boutique Fashion Party

Nina Papaioannou, Al Giga

Hi Girls!! International creative director, image maker and stylist Al Giga was the guest star at the Zilly Store Event by Aris Rakas and store manager Lena Kouris. Born in Tanzania and raised in Canada Al has been based in Greece for the last 15 years. He gave his valuable advise to clients and friends that attended the fashion event that brought some fun to a gloomy Saturday morning.

Alexandra katsaiti hat, stylist

Alexandra Katsaiti Tv persona and famous stylist …attended the event  !

Alexandra Katsaiti Nina Papaioannou

Alexandra Katsaiti and me

Isabel Marant pink dress Anna Giannara

I love the Isabel Marant dress on Anna Giannara!!!

Patrizia Munster photographing...look at the dog!!!:

Patrizia Munster photographing…Look at the dog!!!:)

Love Macaron !!!

Love Macaron !!!

giannis Bachos

Zilly Boutique Party

Yana Pollakou Zilly Boutique Party

 Have a lovely Day!!!

  1. >Wonderful photos, sound like a great event!I like you style!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  2. >Hey, I just found your blog! 🙂
    Amazing pics in this post, it seems you had a great time!!
    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow if you like 🙂

    Books in my bags

  3. >Awwww isnt that stylist a whole bunch of fun. I love how smiley she is in all her pics! teehee. What a fun event to have had on. I wish we had these sorts of functions here in little ol NZ ^_^


  4. >The pictures are amazing and it looks like a fun party,you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

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