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Editorial- Cartoon Fashion Mania - TrendSurvivor

Editorial- Cartoon Fashion Mania

Pokemon Cartoon fashion mania

I love fashion editorials and the Cartoon Fashion mania is fun. Manga, especially Pokemon reminds me of my kids. So, I really enjoyed this Pokemon fashion Tumblr that incorporates Pokemon characters into Couture Ads and editorials… The anonymous blogger behind PokeXFashion choose some great color combinations matching perfectly the original picture.

Pokemon Cartoon fashion mania

Pokemon Cartoon fashion mania

You can see more here

Pokemon Cartoon fashion mania

 I am loving Phillip Lim Cartoon knits. This is the season of the trophy knit and if ever there was one to invest in then this is it! Sumptuous Merino wool ensures that this will feel gorgeous and cosy whilst the eye-catching Pop Art design ensures your look is one step ahead of the trend.
You can find Pop Art Fashion here

Shop Pop Art Fashion

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