Easy Tricks on How to take Good Instagram Pictures using your cell phone

Better Pictures on istagram

Do you want to learn a few easy tricks on how to take Good Instagram Pictures using your cell phone? Ever since I joined the world’s most powerful social platform, I am constantly trying to learn more about taking great photos with my iPhone.

I always thought all incredible photographs on Instagram come from professional photographers and super expensive cameras… Well, even though it is true in some cases many of the pics are actually taken with an iPhone.

I follow the advice of Aime Song and Lauren Conrad.

I just saw the video of Aimee Song explaining all the tricks she uses to get high quality photos on Instagram! She makes it look easy. You must see her video below.

I love using the LiketoKnow.it widget which I explained in a recent article, remember? You get all the details of your liked photos in you inbox.

Short video How to take Good Instagram Photos | Learn the  instagram secrets of Song of Style

Lauren Conrad in a super useful article called “Tips and Tricks | How to take the perfect Instagram” shared some rules worth reading by the professional photographer Yoni Goldberg. 

She often takes about 10 tries to get the perfect photo, so it’s not just me. 

1. Get the right crop and it doesn’t have to be always square. You can use Whitagram to get horizontal photos.

2. Get the right composition.

I guess you need an eye for that but you can see what other successful Istagramers are doing and get inspired.

Scale and Crop Instagram

3. Get it straight.

That’s easy and works miracles…

straighten Instagram images

4. Get the right lighting.

5. Get the right filter.

Good Instagram Pictures tricks

6. Get the right background.

A neutral color works best.

flowers Instagram

7. Get the right caption.

How genius is this egg plan?

egg plant Instagram

8. Less is more. 

I am not following this rule as often as I should

Less is more

but I have an advise too…

9. Get closser. 

Instagram get closer

I guess I am getting better, TrendSurvivor @ Instagram  followers are increasing. Yuppieeee!!!

Hope you enjoyed the tips and thank you for stopping by.

Photos © Aime Song, Lauren Conrad, Trend Survivor

Have a lovely Day!!!


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