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Easy Summer Hairstyle DIY | Celtic Knot Hair Tutorial - TrendSurvivor

Easy Summer Hairstyle DIY | Celtic Knot Hair Tutorial

beach waves, Celtic Knots Hair Tutorial

Check out this Celtic Knot Hair Tutorial because with summer just starting easy everyday warm weather hairdos, I guess, are a very welcomed change.

But how hard is this coiffure option to do by yourself? This half updo does require some patience and of course, learning the technique.

I would rather do it after getting no heat beach waves to get the hair out of my face and add a stylish twist.

Other than a ponytail or a messy bun this hairdo has the youthful bohemian vibe that would look great with maxi dresses and peasant blouses.

Celtic knots are endless paths that represent eternity.  They mean a never ending love or friendship. Celtic knots are many times referred to as love knots!!!

How 1970s is that?!!!

The best tutorial with step by step pictures, I found online, for a celtic knot was by Danish fashion blogger, Christina from Passion For Fashion. I know it looks more complicated than it really is. Just follow carefully the 8 steps.

The good thing is that even if you have a short bob haircut you can still do this braided hairdo.

How to do a DIY celtic knot Hair Tutorial

DIY celtic knots hair tutorial

Hairstyle Celtic knot Ideas

You can also do this hairstyle as an updo or a braid in one side.

Celtic knot hairstyle ideas

Celtic Knot Hairdo (video)

Images – PassionForFashion,

Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. I adore these…although I don’t know if I would take the time to do them on myself…my arms get to tired. My friend commented positively on my appearance the other day…I actually took the time to brush my hair and left it down without my usual messy bun. I will try them on my little one once she grows some hair.

    1. hahaha messy bun is cool too… It will look so sweet on your daughter, I am sure !!!! <3

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