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Easy Hairstyles Ideas Rose braid flower bun (Video)

Easy Hairstyles Ideas The Rose braid (Video)

The rose braid looks way more complicated than it actually is. If you are looking for some hair inspiration this hairstyle is a cool alternative to the top knot and the hair bow.

Check out the flower bun tutorial and you will see that all you have to do is know how to braid!

An awesome and unique hair style with many stylish variations. My favorite is the half up hair flower bun with beach waves.

Simple flower braid instructions

Braid into a simple rose bun for a stunning updo! By taking a normal braid and rolling it up into a “rose”, your hair can become the best hair accessory.

Such a dramatic look with so little effort!

How to do the rose braid

Half up rose braid


Low ponytail flower braid


Twisted flower half up bun

flower-braid-tutorial- twisted braid

Beach waves flower braid

flower braid step by step

Flower braid crown



Have a lovely Day!!!

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