Easy DIY Gift Idea | Tangle Free headphones


A stylish solution for tangled headphones, which actually is a great easy DIY gift idea. For men, too. Never too early to plan for Christmas gifts, however, you will need about 20 to 30 minutes to make each gift.

Personalized gifts  for your friends and family are so cool.


Easy DIY Gift Idea – How to make stylish embroidery threaded headphones


threads for headphones


You will need:

Colored threads



Instructions :

1. Get a good set of headphones and threads

Starting point, a good set of headphones which you probably already have, if it’s for you. Your unique artwork will start with shopping nice threads. T

2. Measure your headphones, including the ear buds.

In order to get a good fit, measure your headphones.

3. Cut carefully your threads according to the measurements.

Use a sharp scissors to get a clean cut and cut your threads into strings.

4. Divide the strings into threes, leaving the headphone wire in the middle.

Follow the instructions in the images below. It’s much easier than you think.

easy DIY gift idea Tangle free headphones instructions

I have included a video with some more fun personalized embroidery  floss earphones.


It’s a great idea for a men’s gift. This cool headphone accessory will look great in shades of black and grey.


men's embroidery headphones


My iPhone needs some love and attention… in other words, I want new accessories and a DIY on a cold winter afternoon will get my creative juices flowing. The ones I have in the pic from my Instagram account belong to a friend and they seems kind of summery now. Maybe I would go for shades of grey and beige…

Cool Easy gift idea Tangle free headphones

By the way, after I got Missguided denim fringed dress  I started browsing their accessories page and fell in love with this fur iPhone case. The pink fur was sold out so I went for the stripped. I am loving the leopard too… See that’s why I want the beige color hues…

Balmain for H & M headphones black and white tangle free




Source – Wikihow

Have a lovely Day!!!


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