Easter Sunday in a Stone House hidden in the Trees !!!

Stone house in Kiourka, Athens

I left my calorie counter at home and drove to a lovely stone house hidden in the trees, in the northern suburbs of Athens, Ippokrateios Politeia to celebrate Easter Sunday with friends! The traditional meal is lamb, lamb, lamb and entrees. It was great fun and the food was delicious!!! Took some pictures of the amazing scenery… I love nature in Spring!! All those bright colors, the flower smells and the warm sun!!!

Garden and swimming pool
Interior of the stone house
Interior detail
guest bathroom
Painting Kalliopi Oikonomakou

Met the artist, Kalliope Ikonomacou yesterday and I saw some of her beautiful work inside the house. She is having an exhibition this spring in Istanbul.

You can see her work here.

garden close up
yellow flowers
blue sky

Jazz is an upcoming star on youtube… he can say I love you… mama and a few more words!!!

nothing left in my plate

Even though I didn’t take a picture of the lamb too busy enjoying the food, my friend Alexandra posted a.. delicious one on facebook. She has the most amazing houses in Paros. You can see them here.

Special easter meal
Easter table decor, Makria Miti, Paros by Alexandra Skaltsogianni
Sun between trees

Ninja, was waiting for us to get home… I adore this cat… I even, let him take naps in my bed!!!

Have a lovely day!!!

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