Easter Gift Ideas | Tips on how to Burn a Candles Evenly

Easter Candle Gift Guide | Tips on how to burn Candles

Do you want to know the important four tips to maximize the life of your new Easter candles?

Personally, I burn candles all year round but Easter is approaching and candles are the chicest most welcomed, by everyone, gift.

Yes, men love candles, too! Even my 23 year old son, Niko, appreciates a fragranced candle from Molton Brown.

Personally, I prefer Diptyque!

These legendary candles have distinctive fragrances born of Parisian passion, world travel and authentic artistry.

The White Company has amazing fragrances too. The Seychelles Fragrance candle is on top of my list because it evokes the balmy breeze of an Indian Ocean island… Think fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.

The four important burning tips to get more pleasure and time out of your favorite fragranced candles are:

Step 1. Trim

Easter Candle Gift Guide | Tips on how to burn Candles - TrimBefore burning your candle for the first time, trim the wick down to 1cm to ensure a clean burn.

Step 2.  Burn Candles for minimum 1 hour

Easter Candle Gift Guide | Tips on how to burn

Ideally, candles should be burnt for a minimum of one hour (maximum four) so that a full molten wax pool forms across the surface, as this will help avoid tunnelling.

Step 3.  Extinguish with a Candle lid

Easter Candle Gift Guide | Tips on how to burn a Candle-use lid

Where possible, extinguish your candle with a candle lid or snuffer, rather than blowing it out to avoid disturbing the wax and wick, making it easier to light next time around.

Step 4. Place on even surface

Easter Candle Gift Guide | Tips on how to burn a Candle-flat even surface

Always burn your candle on an even and protected surface, away from any draughts, and be sure to leave enough space between each candle.

Go Easter Candle Shopping

For Her

For Him

  Enjoying your candle!!!

Images- The White Company

Have a lovely Day!!!


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