Easter Dress Code… Decoded- Trendy Options for Easter Sunday and Fashionable Artistic Egg Decorating Ideas !

Art Cross Photography

Egg Art Chicken

Rabbit Fashion Girl


Egg Couch Art

Eco Nogg Chicken Coop designed by Mathew Hayward and Nadia Turan

Greek version here

Easter is approaching faster than I anticipated this year… Time flies! I am wondering what I will wear on Easter Sunday and at the same time I am trying to find creative  fashionable Easter egg decorating  ideas!  So, inspired by this season’s strongest trends I came up with some dream outfits. I also found my favorite Easter Egg Decoration ideas that matched the  Spring-Summer 2011 fashion trends! How? As famous filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard quoted: “ Vague ideas must be confronted with clear images.” Enjoy!
True color bird
Bright Colors are trendy and cheerful! I love bright colors on High Heel Stilettos, Dresses, Jackets, Handbags and… eggs!
Easter Sunday Outfit with Bright Colors 1
Bright colored garments fashion
Easter Sunday Outfit with Bright Colors 2

Bright colors collage

New Age Tribal: Tribal and wild nature motifs are so trendy this Spring. Animal prints on dresses, bags, shoes and … eggs!

Easter Sunday Outfit New Age Tribal Animal Prints 1

tribal collage

Have a lovely Day!!!


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