Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping on Sale

Judging from myself, I am guessing everyone loves shopping on sales…. but with so many options available it can be overwhelming even for “sales experts” like me.

So here are my basic rules that could help you make the right choices.

The Do’s and Don’ts of online sale shopping…. ( I do not always follow …)

Sometimes, especially with designer shoes, I feel my heart beats faster and my mind blocks…

Thank God for online shopping and returns on original form of payment.

Try to think clearly and remember what you wish you had!


Shop on sale dos and donts ( I want it All)


Do: Create a Wishlist

Planning is important. Make a list of the things you need. If you want an everyday dress don’t get distracted from cocktail dresses.

Don’t:  Get Attached

Buying an item you loved in the beginning of the season might not make sense anymore…

Do: Think ahead

Think of the next season when you shop on sale. Check out the fresh trends and shop now. For example the capri flared jeans will be big this Spring but a few designers had them in their Winter collections, too.

Don’t : Think too far ahead

If Summer is on it’s way there is no point shopping for next winter unless it’s an all-time classic you know you need.

Do : Buy Basics

Stock up what you always wear. Is white T-shirts or white shirts? For me it’s cashmere sweaters….

Don’t : Buy almost-perfect

No point in buying almost perfect clothes and accessories because they are on sale. I try to think, if they were not on sale would I still want them.

Do: Be realistic

Be realistic regarding your size. If it’s too small it means it doesn’t fit…


Shop Sales Moda Operandi





Have a lovely Day!!!


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