Do you know about WR.UP Freddy’s secret?

wr.up grey Freddy

When I read about the wr.up skinny pants in a Greek online store called,  I thought this is a super cool idea and doesn’t look bad either.

WR.UP is a trousers line created by Freddy to guarantee the perfect fit. Do you remember this was the favorite brand of Jane Fonda back in the 80s in her aerobics videos and it was created by the Italian entrepreneur Carlo Freddi?

Jane Fonda 80s

WR.UP technology is designed to enhance all women’s figure. By using 80% Cotton, 20% Elastam, a silicone membrane, striking cuts and unique seams it actually supports your bottom. I don’t mind that… In Greece you can find them, only at them online at the which by the way, offers more than 15.000 products from 300 brands.

These are my favorites

wr.up blue, black, combat

You can shop the black wr.up skinny pants here

wr.up skinny pants butt

I like the idea of a product that gets your butt to look a little extra nice! They have a line for exercise and the gym too which reminds me I need to get back on track with exercising…

Note- Always wash and iron turned inside out.

Video WR.UP fits better

Have a lovely Day!!!


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