DIY- New Gardenia Floral Centerpiece

DIY- My New Gardenia Floral Centerpiece -0006

Do you want to see my new cheap and chic floral centerpiece? I just created an easy gardenia centerpiece for my coffee table by using small gardenia plants. This DIY is even easier than my previous petunia coffee table centerpiece which lasted inside our living room for more than a month. So, I was searching for some interior decor inspiration when I went to the flower shop and found it the moment I laid my eyes on the cute little gardenia plants. I just knew I would place them in 4 square clear vases creating a bigger square. My only problem was how to disguise the cheap looking plastic pots. With all this black and white stripe mania I thought I would use the material of an old long sleeved stripped t-shirt. Let me show you how, I felt really smart 🙂

Instructions for Gardenia Floral Centerpiece

You will need:

4 small gardenia plants

4 square 15cm X 15cm clear vases

1 old long sleeve t-shirt

DIY- My New Gardenia Floral Centerpiece -0000
Gardenia Plants
DIY- My New Gardenia Floral Centerpiece -0001
Square clear vases
Old striped t-shirt
Old striped t-shirt
DIY- My New Gardenia Floral Centerpiece -0003
Use the sleeves to cover plastic pot!!!
cut in the desired size
Cut in the desired size

Voila!!!my new gardenia centerpiece

DIY- My New Gardenia Floral Centerpiece -0005

Photos © trendSurvivor

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. That’s a clever and quick idea to use an old tee shirt to hide the pots! Pretty plants too.

  2. I absolutely love this idea! Reusing a T-shirt and creating a unique piece for your nest. I can smell the gardenias–Happy Nesting.

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