FASHION DIY : How to reinvent your skirt for Winter 2011!!!

Erdem Side Slit Skirt

Hi girls! The side slit is hot this season .. learn how to do it yourself!
Erdem Side Slit Skirt

Put Side Slits in a Skirt – What You’ll Need

Give your skirt a sexy look with slits in the sides. This is a great way to refresh an old skirt, or to spice up a drab skirt. Simply follow these easy instructions.

What you will need
Medium sized sewing needle
Thread – The thread should closely match the skirt fabric.
Straight pins
Iron and ironing board

Open the Bottom Hem
Side skirt slit  DIY
Undo the hem at the side seams.

Locate the side seams on the skirt. Using your seam ripper, remove the seam stitching in the bottom hem of the skirt where it meets the side seam. You will only need to undo enough of the hem to get to the side seam.

You are opening the bottom hem so that you can open side seam.

Remove the Side Stitching
Side skirt slit  DIY


Use a seam ripper to remove the side seam.

Unfold the bottom hem and start to remove the stitching from the vertical seam with your seam ripper. Cut a little to show a small portion of your leg or a lot to show more of your leg. You may want to try on the skirt after loosening a few inches to see if you have opened it enough.

After you have opened the side seam,open side seam.
Iron the Sides of the Slit
Side skirt slit  DIY


Iron the side flaps down.
With your skirt inside out, snip the seam allowance at the top of your open seam. Lay the sides of the seam flat and iron them down.
Next, re-sew the sides.
Sew the Sides
Sew the side flaps all the way up.

Refold the bottom hem. Sew along the flaps on each side of the slit, from the bottom to the top. Tie off the thread at each end to prevent unraveling. We used a large stitch, but you can use a smaller stitch to hide your work.

See the finished skirt.
You can put a large slit in just one side, or try two small slits in each side. Large side slits are great for wearing with patterned tights. Have you made a side slit skirt?

Have a lovely Day!!!




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