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DIY beauty products at home spa tricks treatments

DIY at home spa tricks

Precious tips on how to get that spa glow at home.

If a relaxing day at the spa looks tempting I suggest you try one of these at home spa treatment ideas for one third of the price.

… Even less…

Home spa tricks

make your own rose water

Make your own rosewater

Follow the instructions of Lianne Farbes from TheMakeUpGirl

“To save some money, make your own rose-water toner, which has great astringent properties. Here’s my recipe: For every one firmly packed cup of rose petals, pour two cups of boiling water over the top. Cover and steep until the liquid is cool. Strain, squeeze out the liquid from the petals and refrigerate the rose water in a sterilized jar between use.”

avocado facial mask

Make your own avocado mask

Follow the recipe of India-Jewel Jackson, GlamBlush

“When it’s really cold outside and my skin gets a bit chafed, I go home and head straight for the kitchen and dust off my blender. I make myself a hydrating facial mask by blending a little cold cream, yogurt, honey, aloe vera gel and avocado. Using a foundation brush to paint it on my face, I let the mask dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse. Voila! My skin feels refresh and moisturized again.”

at home spa treatments

Create your at home spa treatments 

Mix Rose Water with coconut milk for a relaxing bath.

Make your own organic moisturizer with olive oil and honey.

Mix brown sugar with honey and make a facia scrub.

Mix un-petroleum jelly and sugar and make a lip scrub.

For an anti-redness facial mask mix egg yolk with lemon juice.

at home beauty remedies

12 amazing natural beauty remedies

I will try mint leaves for dry cycles and apple cider for silky hair.

Have a lovely Day!!!

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