DIY- Easy Casual- Chic Easy Vase Flower Arrangement

DIY- Easy Casual- Chic Vase Flower Arrangement-0000

I am always interested in inspiring tips and ideas on how to make an Easy Vase Flower Arrangement. If you want to make an easy low cost flower arrangement you can follow these simple instructions using just two different types of flowers you can easy find. In this vase we used white Nerium oleander which is a very common garden plant in Greece and for contrast we used flowers from a lavender plant. I suggest you use a white vase to create this casual chic Greek Island style decoration.

You will need:

1. White Vase

SOCKERÄRT Vase White $ 19.99 IKEA
SOCKERÄRT Vase White IKEA $19.99

2. White Nerium oleander

3. Lavender Flowers

4. Scissors


White Nerium oleander Greece

Lavender DIY- Easy Casual- Chic Vase Flower Arrangement-0004

Easy Vase Flower Arrangement Instructions:

Start by arranging the oleander first. Cut the ones in the centre longer to create an uneven hight effect. When you finish add the lavender in between. That simple!!!

DIY- Easy Casual- Chic Vase Flower Arrangement-0001

DIY- Easy Casual- Chic Vase Flower Arrangement-0002

Lavender Flower arrangement

Tip: For a more dramatic effect create two identical vases in different sizes.

Photos © me

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Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Fresh flowers bring life to every space–beautifully created! Bring on the lingering summer island breezes and long starry nights! Happy Nesting.

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