DIY Carnival Ideas : How to Make the Bat Headband

Bat Headband.

Hi Girls! If you want a simple DIY Halloween Idea for an outfit, how about Bat Girl with a twist? A creative Bat headband worn with your favorite LBD and you are good to go! Create a spooky look with a bat headband made from black paper, craft wire, and our bat templates.
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Bat Headband

Stack and fold two sheets of black paper in half. Enlarge  template. Position template on fold, trace, and cut out, making two bats. With black craft wire, poke a hole in the center of one bat; hold the end of the wire. Glue second bat on top, sandwiching wire in between. Wrap opposite end of the wire around a thin headband (ours was 1/4-inch wide) to secure. Repeat, adding more bats.

I would wear black eyeliner and Louboutins for a dash of color!! :))

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