Digital Artists : Photo Manipulations of Water

I was dreaming of water last night. I was in the middle of nowhere in the sea not knowing in which direction was the land and my jet-ski would not start. What a mess, however,  before panicking I woke up and surfed online and found these amazing manipulation of water pictures.  Over 70% of our Earth’s surface and it’s the most essential element to life. Water is so important to us, yet it’s so easy for us to take it for granted. Today, we take a look at several digital artists who’ve created their own interpretations of it. Whether they’re amplifying a splash or making full portraits out of water, these artists have a way of making us look twice, giving us a renewed appreciation for water’s unique qualities. Their photo manipulations seem almost out of this world, morphing nature’s most vital substance in ways we could have never imagined.

Here, then, for your inspiration, are the 20 most amazing photo manipulations of water.

Water and Human


Water-Filled Portrait

Brandon Hanson

Liquid Effects

Rosa Casale

Water Hummingbird


Nuclear Water


Water Flame


Water for Fire

Igor Maminta

Water Flower

Nikolay Razuev

Water Hand

Santi Urso

Water Dragon

André Castro

7-Up Splash

Garrigosa Studios

Fire and Water

Majestic Media

Water Hair

Christophe Gilbert

Water Bath

Christophe Gilbert

The Secret Passage of the Star

Alexis Persani

Water Road

Garrigosa Studios

Coffee Spill

Erik Johansson

The Challenge


Surreal Manipulation of Water

Deni Borba

If I had t choose one… It is Gizelle and her water dress!

Have a lovely day!

Disclosure: This post is coming to you from MiO. Change your water. Change your day. What do you want to change?

  1. This is so very cool 😉 Of course I love the way the artist made Giselle’s dress look like water! That is my favorite for sure!


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