This denim trend will be huge

This denim trend will be huge this Summer and Fall. I am so ready for a new jeans style.

But are embroidered jeans for everyone?


 embroidered  jeans flowers[br]

Well, don’t ask me?!

I love jeans. All jeans!

Therefore, every new style looks attractive to me.

So, I will say YES!

I was quick to embrace the mom jeans the moment I saw them… again…

( Check out how I wore them in this outfit post with high heels )

Also, I did wear all year the mini flare ( as you can see here ).

No doubt, the new hot denim trend to look out for this summer and fall are embroidered jeans.

Detailed floral embroidered appliqués are IN!

Designer Alessandro Michele and his amazing Gucci Fall 2016-17 collection for sure had something to do with it.

However, if embroidery is not your cup of tea… you could embrace the asymmetrically-cut jean hems.

Remember the Vetements trend? A little DIY is all you will need.

Anyway, I love the colorful playfulness that brands are now adding to their denim right now. It really shakes things up keeping us looking chic, sophisticated and fashion forward!

Count me in…


Best Embroidered jeans


in every price range

( this mom style embroidered denim pants from Top Shop is my favorite)

Denim jeans is revisited for the new season with stylish blossoming details.





Have a lovely Day!!!

Image- Girl from Panama


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