Delicious Cooking Recipe- Prune Stuffed Fillet and Cooking Fires

Cooking Recipe- Delicious Prune Stuffed Fillet-0006

Following my post with DIY- easy flower coffee table centerpiece , part of the petite series of posts related to all the preparations of last Sunday’s lunch in our house, is this amazing Prune stuffed pork fillet recipe based on Pamela Westland’s “The Busy Cook’s Book”.  I was cooking three dishes at the same time and I was afraid something might catch fire, which has happened to me and is the reason I installed the fire alarm panels in my new home. This company right here was very helpful in finding the best fire-safety gadgets for my home.

In my previous apartment, I forgot the oil on the stove. Just by coincidence, I went back to the kitchen to get something and I saw that the oil had caught fire. The fire flames begin spreading to the kitchen cabinets. Thankfully, I had a small fire extinguisher hidden under the sink so no huge harm was done. However, I realized the importance of fire alarms. They are an important safety feature as is,knowing what to do with cooking fires. The simple thing to do is wear a glove, cover the saucepan on fire with the lid and it take out of the heat.

Cooking Safety- Fire Alarms

Kitchen fire - what to do

Do you know what to do once you hear the fire alarm? Watch this video it might save you.

Stylish Prune- Stuffed Fillet of Pork

You will need:

2 pork fillets

8 prunes

2 tablespoons seedless raisins

3 tablespoons clear honey

15oz butter

1 teaspoon corn flour

150ml sweet sider


freshly ground pepper

1. Trim the pork fillet and cut out the “silver thread” Cut them lengthwise without cutting right through.

2. Arrange prunes along one side of each fillet, cover the prunes with one tablespoon of raisins and with 1 tablespoon honey.

Cooking Recipe- Delicious Prune Stuffed Fillet-0002


3. Close up the fillets again, enclosing the fruit and secure with cocktail sticks and tie with a string.

Cooking Recipe- Delicious Prune Stuffed Fillet-0003

4. Add oil salt and pepper and leave overnight in the refrigerator

Cooking Recipe- Delicious Prune Stuffed Fillet-0004

5. Next day. Melt the butter in a pan and when it is hot fry the pork fillets until brown on both sides.

6. Add sider remaining raisins and simmer, covered turning the pork once for about 30 minutes.

7. Take out pork and cut in slices. I serve it with steamed rice that I cook in the special rice cooker.

8. Add corn flour to the sauce.

Served hot!!!

Delicious Cooking Recipe- Prune Stuffed Fillet6

Cooking Recipe- Delicious Prune Stuffed Fillet-0008

Photos © Nina

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. It looks really good! I never thought about using prunes! And good for you in keeping a fire extinguisher nearby. It can truly save you! More people need to do that! Delish dish and great post.

    1. It has happened to me and I have seen how fast the fire spreads. You need a fire alarm and an extinguisher!

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