Declutter Tips 7 items you don’t need in your closet

7 things you can declutter right now.  How to find your way to minimalism?

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” wise words from William Morris, the renowned English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist.

Get rid of some of your clothes now. Have a tidy, curated, decluttered closet that makes you happy.

I do a clear out of my clothes regularly but I have a long way to go. How about you? Does your closet look anything like Amanda’s from the lifestyle blog Oracle Fox ?


How to declutter?



oracle-fox declutter closetOracle Fox closet perfection


Valuable tips to start on the path to minimalism.

Check out the list of the 7 items you don’t need in your closet.




Expensive mistakes

We have all made them. It’s an item you have spent a lot of money on but it was a mistake. You haven’t worn it… It doesn’t suit you ….whatever the reason you need to get rid of it because every time you see it it makes you feel guilty.

You can sell your unwanted items online on ebay or if it is a luxury item you can recoup some of the money you spent by selling it at Vestiaire

Or gift it to someone that will enjoy it and let go of the guilt.

Inexpensive mistakes

I am sure you have made a few of those. Impulsive purchases that did not work. You have them in your closet and you never wear them. Just give them to charity.

Uncomfortable clothes and shoes

I love beautiful shoes and sometimes comfort is the last thing I look for. But if I wear something and I feel miserable…. it has to go too. If it’s expensive you can sell it.

Item that don’t fit

Some clothes are too big or too small. No point in keeping a super tight pair of jeans that you will never fit in. Declutter by getting rid of the clothes that don’t fit you.

Gifts that don’t bring you joy

Keep a box with items you don’t wear but give you joy and get rid of the rest. No point in keeping ex-boyfriend gifts that mean nothing anymore…

Marie Kondo, in her book  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing explains that the key is keeping only what brings you joy and getting rid of the rest of your belongings.

Also, don’t feel guilty when you give it away. The Japanese organizing consultant and author, explains, a gift served it’s purpose when it was given.

Items out of fashion

Fashion moves in cycles. True,  but remember, it takes about 15 to 20 years for a style to be fashionable again. Plus usually there is a different twist. Therefore, if it’s not a special expensive piece that brings you happiness because it’s beautiful don’t keep it.

The items you decide to keep, store them in a separate closet and take good care of them.

Items that look good on other people

Finally, these are clothes that you know don’t suit you but because you saw them on someone you admire you keep them.

Pass those mistake purchases on…and make someone else happy!

Tidying up





Have a lovely Day!!!

Images- Oracle Fox

  1. No my closet does not look like Ms Fox’s. Closet space unfortunately has been more closet size and not room-like size in our nest…but the are all neat. Happy organizing!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Good luck with decluttering your closet.. I know it can be painful….

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