How to Create a Unique Plus-Size Blog

My friend Elli called me a few days ago and told that her daughter plans to start a fitness blog and she needs a few tips.

The age of body positivity has arrived (finally!), and people everywhere are joining in the movement of self acceptance by openly sharing their lives and baring their souls for all to see. It’s amazing that so many people are setting up their own blogs and websites to record their journeys, but with so many bloggers out there, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Creating content that keeps people coming back to your blog can be challenging, so here are 4 easy tips to make your blog stand out.




Consider your website’s aesthetics

It’s essential to have a visually pleasing blog, where information can be picked out at a quick-scanning glance. First impressions are important, so embrace the chance to create a blog that visually represents you just as much as your content does. Your blog needs to be vibrant, welcoming and easy to navigate, and it is good to have an efficient and minimalistic homepage, so that content is easily accessible and not too cluttered. Try out different website builders until you find the one which works best for you and achieves the desired look.


Include photographs

The key to any good blog is not to be too text heavy, and this can be achieved by using images (or even white space) to break up large bodies of writing. Relevant images will attract the audience’s attention, and give a general idea of what each blog post will be about. People respond to images much faster than they do text (it has even been proven the brain can process complex images in less than 150 milliseconds). Photographs will also add color to your blog posts, and make your site more personal. However, stay clear of stock photos and spend money on quality images instead.


Be authentic and relatable  

People will be interested in your blog because they want to know about you; you also have a set niche for your blog, so people will already be interested in what it is you’re blogging about. However, share what inspires you, what drives you, your likes and dislikes, and more. They want to hear about your life experiences, so share as much about yourself as you are comfortable with. Though, there are two key things you should keep in mind. Firstly, people want to hear about the real you, not a fabrication, so always be authentic. Secondly, people love content that is relatable to their own lives, so don’t be afraid to talk directly to the audience in your writing.


Embrace different platforms

We all know how important social media is as a platform for connecting with other people, and often having a good profile on various sites is more important than the blog itself. Having different social media accounts allows for widespread advertising of your blog and allows your followers to keep up with live updates and get the heads up on new content. Instagram is a particularly indispensable tool for any fashion or beauty blogger to utilize: Using tools such as free photo collage templates will allow you to produce posts which stylishly showcase your outfit ensembles, or be creative and produce step-by-step makeup tutorials.


It’s true, there are a lot of bloggers out there, but they have something you don’t; they are not you! Everyone has different views to express, and exclusive life experiences to share. Don’t just replicate the same content you see everywhere else! If you follow these tips and find a voice that is unique to you, you are bound to make your blog a success.

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!


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