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Corfu Fall Yellow Mood - TrendSurvivor

Corfu Fall Yellow Mood

Corfu old Town is one of the most charming and romantic places of Greece.
It is a perfect example of ancient Venetian and Byzantine architecture. The name Corfu, meaning ‘peaks’, refers to its twin hills, each topped by a massive fortress built to withstand Ottoman sieges.

It also holds some majestic architecture, including the splendid Liston arcade, and high-class museums, along with no fewer than 39 churches.

After my afternoon stroll in Corfu town I visited my new bestie Bibi, Tina’s cute dog.

Trendsurvivor Corfu yellow dress valentino flats02

Tina Vlachou Jewels Nina Papaioannou Bibi

Trendsurvivor Corfu yellow dress valentino flats00Jewelry gold and diamond heart necklace by Franco Pianegonda

Chain necklace by Tina Vlachou Jewels (Bibi’s mom)

Belt bag Mango

Jackie style sunglasses from Kostantinos Kessaris in Corfu, similar here

Yellow dress Mango, similar long sleeve yellow dress here, love this one

Flat shoes Valentino Garavani rockstuds in black, high heel (go a whole size bigger)


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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  1. Αγαπητή κυρία Νίνα, χάρη στην παρουσία σας, το My Style Rocks απόκτησε επιτέλους ενδιαφέρον!

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