Converse + Marimekko = Love = Timeless Brands = Hot New Classic Sneakers with Iconic Memorable Designs

Marimekko 1970's girl

Marimekko Converse sneaker black and white

Converse + Marimekko ! Both brands have reached icon status, both are woven into their own country’s heritage, both are identifiable from miles away but most importantly both bring beauty in everyday life.

Marimekko Converse sneaker black and white and colored

I just came back to Greece from London… Today was a sunny warm day and I felt the taste of spring… So instead of writing, as I planned, about my interesting chat with Mary Katrantzou and her amazing clothes I decided to share with you, today,  the news about the playful marriage of the Finnish patterns with the classic American sneakers! A Hot New Trendy Shoe that is stylish and fun. Great for walks around the Greek Islands… I miss summer!!!!!

Marimekko Converse sneaker black and white

The collaboration between Converse and Marimekko it seems was waiting to happen. A few of Marimekko’s most famous prints have been used on two of Converse’s most popular silhouettes for their spring collection. Patterns featured on the shoes include ‘tarha’ and ‘pikkusuomu’, designed by Annika Rimala in the 1960s, and ‘kirppu’, designed in 1980 by Maija Isola and her daughter Kristina.

marimekko 1970's dresses illustration


Marimekko was first introduced to the United States by the architect Benjamin C. Thompson, who featured them heavily in his Design Research stores. They were made famous in the United States by Jacqluine Kennedy, who bought eight Marimekko dresses which she wore throughout the 1960 US Presidential campaign.

Converse and Marimekko designs

The fun, bold geometric patterns that make Marimekko so popular now grace your favorite sneaker.  Design Manager Noora Niinikoski, in a mini-documentary, explains the history of the brand and the collaboration with Converse.

converse marimekko

I love the equally cute shoe bags in matching prints!!! Look out for the collection this spring on and at premium retailers for the super trendy style. The women-specific line will be sold globally beginning in February.


 Have a lovely Day!!!



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