Hi girls!!! I was obsessed with number t-shirt from Isabel Marant since I first saw the fashion show but I believe they are overpriced for simple tees with a number on it. So I had been for a while on a search for the perfect number t-shirt and I finally found it in Zara. I matched it with my bright pink neon distressed jeans because bright colors make me smile…


Multi colors
multi color nails
Number and colors


Love bright colored jeans
Blogger style style 🙂


Manolo Bhlanik





 Sunglasses Chloe

Number t-shirt  Zara

Jeans Abercrombie and Fitch

Belt  Prada

Shoes  Manolo Bhlanik

Bag Celine

Nail Polish Models Own Pro

Have a lovely Day!!!



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    1. Haha lookbook helped I realized that I could not most only black and brown….

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