Coco Chanel- 5 ways to develop your personal style

It is so much fun keeping up with all things fresh and fashionable but style is not only about following trends… it is about expressing yourself with your clothing in an interesting way! At the end of the day, a strong sense of personal style is the foundation of every standout look.

I love personal style bloggers… Most of them are so stylish and inspiring! How they do it? Well, in order to have fun with fashion you must first understand yourself, know what is you and what is not. What flatters you and expresses your personality!!! What you will love for years rather than just today! That is what true style is about…. Coco Chanel realized years ago the importance of developing personal style… She is the ultimate style icon … and of course I love her to!!!! 🙂 See more Chanel articles here and here

1. Determine your colors

Coco Chanel : Fashion fades, only style remains! Fashion is made to be unfashionable!

I know this tip may remind you of women in the ’70s asking each other, “I’m an autumn, what are you?”, but I’ve noticed that having a personal color scheme is a hallmark of all truly stylish women.
To determine your colors you need to assess your hair, skin and eye color as well as what colors you feel you look the best in. Determining your “season” ( relative post, coming soon ) can introduce you to a whole new palette of colors! The point of doing this is to use these colors as a guide while shopping so that you can select the pieces that will look best on you.

2. Choose a Style Trademark 

Coco Chanel by Douglas Kirkland
Coco Chanel by Douglas Kirkland

Coco Chanel : In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different!
A style trademark is something that you either wear every day or simply an aesthetic that you are known for.
Choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident! You wouldn’t want your trademark to be high heels if you cannot walk 10 feet in them without stumbling. Not me… I can walk anywhere on sky high heels and I love them!
Usually, a signature item or style chooses you, because it’s just something that you love so much you have to wear it all the time. But it helps to think about what you value, what you find aesthetically pleasing, and what you love to wear most. Personally, my signature item are mini skirts and shorts! Ah… and high heels anytime!! What is yours?

3. Embrace Your Shape

Coco Chanel : Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future!!!
Although I believe it is fun wearing what you want regardless of your body shape learning to dress for your body type can be a good jumping off point when developing your style. Knowing how to highlight your best features can save you time and take your look from average to amazing.
The most important thing you can do when studying your shape is to stay positive. Dressing well is all about having an underlying layer of confidence and if you are overly critical of your body, you undermine that. Don’t tell yourself that you have a pudgy stomach – instead, remind yourself that you have a tiny waist, or beautiful legs, or a shapely chest, or amazing arms – you get the idea. Highlight your assets and embrace your body as it is! Look at how celebrities do that all the time!
For more on this subject, one of the best style books I’ve heard on dressing your shape is The Science of Sexy by Bradley Bayou. I haven’t read it but I plan to order it online!

4. Create a Personal “Look Book” or Inspiration Folder

Coco Chanel with dog

Coco Chanel : Fashion fades, only style remains the same!
A great aid for honing in your style, and also a really fun project, is creating a personal look book of your favorite past outfits. I do it on and Chictopia and when I don’t know what to wear I look at my photos and the pictures of my fans… for instant inspiration. By determining your style on a daily basis, whether by starting a style blog or just saving photos on your computer, you start to get a sense for which outfits you like best, and which pieces look best on you. It’s a fantastic way to document your look as it evolves. Follow bloggers !!!
Another idea is to start an inspiration folder to keep track of what you love. Before you go shopping, review your book to remind yourself what you like, what you are looking for.

5. Mix it Up: Something Old and Something New

Coco Chanel with dog

Coco Chanel : Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.

Little Black Jacket Alexa Chung and Carine Roitfeld
Little Black Jacket Alexa Chung and Carine Roitfeld

To personalize your wardrobe and move away from cookie-cutter clothing, try mixing up your wardrobe with vintage items or pieces that have been passed down from your mom or grandma (something old), add in some well thought-out designer pieces and trends (something new). Finding a balance between these two things can make your look uniquely yours.


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