My Closet Reorganized

Leather jackets black wooden hangers

Reorganizing my clothes and accessories seems to be an ongoing process, I truly enjoy. I go through my fashion treasures and come up with new looks as you can see from my outfit posts. Almost always I try to update some vintage garment.

I might sound like an IKEA advertorial but everything I used in my office closet room was from there. A few weeks ago, I changed all my hangers to either the plastic black IKEA ones for my everyday closet (amazing how many clothes you can squeeze in one rack), or black wooden ones which I used for my leather jacket and coats.

rendsurvivor closet black hangers
TrendSurvivor closet- Black plastic IKEA hangers take minimum space
TrendSurvivor sunglasses drawer
TrendSurvivor sunglasses

Rearranged my sunglasses in a drawer and I find it much easier to choose what I will wear.

Clothes arranged by color using plastic black hangers
Clothes arranged by color using plastic black hangers
Trendsurvivor designer shoes closet
My shoes
Black wooden hanger leather jackets
Used black wooden hangers for my leather jackets
Designer Shoes and bags
Shoes and bags
Trendsurvivor closet all black
My clothes are arranged by color
Dolce and Cabbana, Gucci hats
Dolce and Cabbana, Gucci hats

Shop closet accessories

home deco desk, drawers
On top of the drawers

Photos © me

Have a lovely Day!!!

  1. Beautiful closet–it looks like a lot of fun getting dressed. I use Laura Ashley felt hangers, like IKEA, I love how little space they take. Is that a mullet in the photo? I love how daring you are!

    1. Felt hungers sound much better… Thanks for the advice, I will check them out! Haha yes, I cut it my self back in the 80s!!!

    1. Haha so it’s not just my mother and me! This last sunglasses arrangement works best. I had them in the boxes in a basket before…

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