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classic camel coat white sneakers casual outfit ideas

The Classic Camel Coat Formula

What does the word classic mean to you? One dictionary defines it as “serving as the established model or standard”, while another suggests that it’s “simple and harmonious; elegant”.

I think that describes the camel coat accurately.

It is timeless.

However, there is a fresh fashion formula for wearing your classic camel coat at any age.

Camel Coat + White Sneakers = New Style Classics

Check out my favorite takes on how to wear your camel coat with sneakers.

perfection camel coat and sneakers

Wear rolled up boyfriend jeans with a coat and white sneakers for an effortless chic everyday look.

coat sneakers shirt

You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans… if they suit you. Add a striped button up shirt for a more sophisticated everyday outfit.

camel coat sweater

Match the color of your coat with your sweater.

sneakers camel coat

Wear under your camel coat a classic pair of black pants with a white shirt and a black jumper. Add adidas originals.

fashion formula sneakers camel coat

Black pants and a white t-shirt is always a good start. Finish with your camel coat and white sneakers.

camel coat

Nika Huk is wearing a classic camel coat with a long white shirt.

camel coat black sneakers

With black sneakers… not bad?!


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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