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Christmas Glitter Nail Polishes - TrendSurvivor

Christmas Glitter Nail Polishes

Hands down, the quickest and easiest way to instantly feel festive is through your nails.


Simply add a dash of sparkle by way of a shimmering top coat and you’re ready to party.

Enjoy the sparkly finish!

Check out my favourite metallic and glitter polishes to buy now.


Created by the brains behind Hard Candy, Dineh Mohajer– a self-confessed ‘beauty junkie’, whose real-life encounters inspired the wickedly witty names and dangerously desirable shade range – Smith & Cult’s Nail Lacquers are a must-have fix for any make up addict.


Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Burberry Beauty

No 451 Gold Glitter

Giorgio Armani


Bronze Armani Nail Lacquer 703 Leather Wood is a bronzed-brown with magnificent duochrome flashes of copper, russet red, yellow ochre, and murky moss green;



Love the La Laque Couture nail polish in Aztec Bronze by YSL. This dark bronze metallic nail polish is a grown-up alternative to the traditional festive colors.


Dior Diorific The absolute Golden nail polish


Have a lovely Day!!!

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    1. I agree. I love glitters but I don’t use them often. However, around Christmas glitters are always part of my manicure. Btw, that Armani’s nail polish is excellent not just for holidays but also for every day.

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