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Christmas Gift Ideas for Someone who has Everything - TrendSurvivor

Christmas Gift Ideas for Someone who has Everything

I am never bored of finding interesting Christmas Gift ideas on the web for my friends and family.

Shopping for gifts is the last thing I want to do, last minute, even though sometimes I can’t avoid it, no matter how hard I try.

If you don’t have the time for a personalized gift check out these Christmas Gift ideas for someone that has everything.

1. Soufeel Christmas Bracelets

Soufeel Christmas charms silver bracelet

gift ideas

Charm deer silver


Put a smile on your girlfriends’ faces by choosing a silver bracelet with a few Christmas charms.

I got my first Soufeel bracelet this summer and I chose some super cute new charms from the  Soufeel Christmas collection.

2. Scented luxurious Candles

Fornasetti candle

Definitely a gift that everyone, men and women appreciate. You can order a  luxurious candle online and have it delivered to your friends.

For a man I would go for JOYA Composition No.6 scented candle because I love the scent and the packing.  The smell is a  mix of tangy Juniper and Grapefruit blended with notes of Lotus Leaf and grassy Cedar-wood and the handcrafted porcelain vessel that has been created in collaboration with ceramic artist Sarah Cihat.

Also the Fornasseti  ‘Architettura’ vegetable wax candle presented in a glazed ceramic vessel decorated with a Roman-inspired amphitheater is a chic option.

For a girl I would go for Fornasetti’s scented decorative object, printed with the face of the Italian artist’s muse Lina Cavalieri in the guise of the goddess Flora.

3. Mac’s Christmas Limited Edition


My girlfriend brought me for my birthday the the enchanted eve lip bag in red. A coordinated kit of red shades for lips in a stylish little clutch from the Mac Limited Christmas edition. No matter how many red lipsticks I have it’s always nice to receive a new red to elevate my party make up.

4. Christmas toys for pets

Spot with Christmas pet

For your furry friends gifts there are plenty options in our latest pet accessories post. However, Spot got his dog Santa from his Grandma and he can’t get enough.

Shop Christmas Present Ideas

Have a lovely Day!!!

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    1. I was not into the charm bracelets mania but … I wear my Christmas charm bracelet everyday.. it makes me smile!

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