Chiara Ferragni Mykonos : THEN and Now

Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salade  in Mykonos Then and Now Collage Trendsurvivor

I was not that obsessed with Chiara and her blog, The Blonde Salad before I met her. During her visit in the Greek Island, Mykonos, she posted many articles with amazing pictures you can find the links below and more here. Don’t you think Chiara Ferragni looks like a star even as a young child?  She first visited Mykonos when she was five years old with her mother who, by the way,  looks gorgeous too and her sister. Well, she told me that this time with Richie was more fun.. and that she plans to come back soon.

Chiara Ferragni child in Mykonos

Chiara Ferragni ( The Blonde Salad ) in Mykonos 20 years ago

More pictures here

Chiara Ferragni The blonde salad Mykonos

Mykonos with Louis Vuitton Day 3

You can see more pictures here

Chiara Mykonos 5 years old Mykonos Greece


Chira Ferragni Mykonos Psarou

Chiara is wearing:

Total Look Louis Vuitton,

Je m’en fous fluo bikini,

Sunglasses Louis Vuitton


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    1. Chiara is so inspiring !!! I loved the way she presented …Mykonos!!! I live in Athens but I was in Mykonos for a wedding!!

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