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Seeing this thick gold chain necklace reminded me of a real gold chain bracelet, I was lucky to receive as a present from my mother years ago! I use to wear it a lot and after a while I added a gold cross and a gold evil eye. Now I am wearing it every day again and it helped me stop craving for the faux gold Celine ID chain bracelet. Christine Centenera, one of my fashion icons, matched her total black outfits with Celine ID bracelet and you can check out Miranda’s blog  The Chic Sheet for some super cool alternatives! My favorite is the Urban Outfitters ID bracelet you can find here

CELINE ID, Christine Centenera

gold chain necklace

You can find here

real genuine gold

Gold Chain necklace, David Yurman

David Yurman Oval Link Necklace, XL, 17.5″ you can find here

Gold chain necklace

David Yurman chain necklace

David Yurman Hammered Chain Necklace You can find here

chain gold, rolex, boat, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

Genuine Gold Chain Bracelet

You can see more  here

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  1. I’m obsessed with the Celine choker! I was looking everywhere for a similar version but couldn’t find one quite like it. I do like the bracelet too. The Urban Outfitters version is nice.

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