10 stylish Tips to wear Denim CutOff Shorts

One of the classic summer vacation items are the denim cutoff shorts. Distressed, high waist, super hot or bermuda they all look cool depending on how you style them.

white denim cutoff shorts


One of the classic summer vacation items are the denim cutoff shorts. Distressed, high waist, super hot or bermuda they all look cool depending on how you style them.

I have seen celebrities like the Olsen twins sporting them in the city with stilettos and I do like them but in this post I will try to inspire you and show you how to wear denim cutoff shorts celebrity style for a casual relaxed summer vacation look.

1. Wear denim cutoff shorts with a shirt

Love the contrast of a preppy boyfriend shirt matched with distressed jeans shorts.

cut-off shorts sripped shirt

2. Wear the cut-off shorts with a cropped lace top

I have a severe lace mania this season, so lace tops are on top of my list.

white-cut-off-shorts-cropped lace top


The white embroidery white shorts are from UStrendy (past season) and you can find very similar here and here

 3. Wear denim cut-off shorts with a tailored jacket

High waist cutoffs are the new summer must-have and worn with a white jacket they look perfect for a weekend walk in the city.

cut-off shorts white tailored jacket

The shorts are oversized Levi’s vintage from Urban Outfitters

 4. Accessorized cutoffs with black

No doubt the Olsen twins have among other things an amazing sense of style. Love how Ashley matched denim with black. The turban and the gold watch raise the cool factor…


5. Wear denim shorts with high heel wedges

Mary and Ashley rock denim shorts and high heels.


6. Wear cut off jeans with a jumper

I love the natural color jumper with light blue jeans.

cutoffs with jumper

 7. Wear a hat

Mary Kate Olsen looks so stylish in this photograph with the black fedora hat and red sunglasses.


8. Wear a plaid shirt


9. Wear double denim and a jacket

Wear a light blue buttoned up shirt, a pair a light blue jeans shorts, brogues and a jacket and you have a city hot summer look.

double denim jacket

10. and here is the obvious ..wear them with a t-shirt

bermuda cutoffs collage

destroyed cut-off shorts, extra shredded bermuda shorts

Instructions for Denim Cut Off Shorts (Video)


I love these light blue wash boyfriend shorts, a longer version of rolled up denim shorts and these classic low waist cut off shorts.

Best affordable cut-off shorts of the season



Photos © pinterest, tumblr, Collage Vintage

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