Celebrity Street Style!!! Analyze This!

Sienna Miller Rocks Another Impressive Casual Look As She Leaves The Haymarket Theatre, 2011
Olivia Palermo New York Street Style

2011 Celebrity Hot and Cool Street Style… Analyzed

How to get the look of my favorite celebrities… street style, only!!!  It’s fun watching pictures of movie-stars and TV-stars walking on the streets of Los Angeles, London, New York or Paris … except for one little flaw: The entire time you’re wishing you were as glamorous and sophisticated as the stars. Have you ever wondered how Mary-Kate, Kirsten, Kate, Nicole, and Angelina get dressed to get coffee, but still look ridiculously good? Here’s how.

Ann Hathaway street style

Tips for Celebrity Street Style

When you go shopping :  Try buying more one-piece clothes and NOT full outfits. A jacket, a tank top, a turtleneck, low-cut pants. It’s better mixing up your wardrobe rather than buying complete sets of outfits. Shop at inexpensive stores to get cheap, yet chic clothes. A vintage store would be a good idea to shop for something big and bulky, and trendy.

Kate Moss Looked Tres Chic In Paris Wearing A Christian Dior Jacket, 2011

Get your own, fancy pair of sunglasses! Big white or black ones for the Mary-Kate Olsen look. Getting sunglasses means wearing them wherever you go. That includes the supermarket too. I mean, you’ve seen Paris Hilton strolling down the grocery store with her mega chic black sunglasses even if it wasn’t so sunny, so why can’t you do it?

Kate Moss

Be a scarf girl for a day. Wear scarves hanging around the front of your neck, or at the back, or tie one around your waist. To keep your look flowing, get a scarf.

Kate Bosworth Gives A Lesson In Transitional Dressing In A Colour-Pop Skirt And Ankle Boots, 2011

Wear big accessories’. Always remember the word ‘big’. Make it big bangles, big handbags, big earrings. Hoops work for anyone, and so do bulky handbags. With a handbag, zipped up jacket, jeans and sunglasses, you’ve already got the ‘Watch-out-I-am-a-celebrity’ look.

Kate Moss street style

Shoes, shoes, shoes!
Knee-high boots is a definite step. Wearing flats or sandals can be optional, but for the superstar look you should really buy a cute pair of knee high boots. Add a heel for a dressy look or keep them flat and comfy for that boho look that a lot of celebrities love. Work your style!

Clever Accessories Transform Nicky Hilton’s Outfit From Drab To Fab, 2011

Remember, you don’t always have to look fabulous. Some celebrities would go to the supermarket wearing low-rise thread pants, a jacket and sunglasses.

Gyneth Paltrow wearing Isabel Marant dress

Encourage yourself to wear stylish outfits like skinny jeans with jackets and a huge Prada bag! Go for Gucci and Chanel too. In special occassions, wear flowy skirts or party dresses, like strapless or spaghetti strapped black dress, perhaps midnight blue or angelic white. However, black is the big thing.

If you are thinking about buying that sequined shirt but only have enough money for a plain v-neck, go with the basics. An outfit many celebrities are seen shopping or on the streets in is a plain shirt, a scarf, some jeans, and some boots. Sometimes they add shades or a leather jacket for added glamour.

Keep your outfits flowing to the next level. Step up to the big level, meaning keep your outfits hitting the next edge. You don’t have to stay up with everyone’s style, keep your own style.

For purses and shoes, try to get designer such as Gucci, Chanel or Prada. If you can’t afford it, do not get knock-offs. Knock-offs not only look cheap, they are also illegal. Buying knock-offs supports sweatshops and child labor.

A Denim Shirt, Coloured Jeans And Black Clogs Complete Whitney Port’s Saturday Look, 2011

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you want, opt for leggings instead of jeans. Dare to be daring! Be different and exciting.
If you want to look the part you have to act the part, work that strut you’ve been secretly practicing in the mirror.

Spring Update: Ditch The Heavy Coat For A Chunky Cardigan As Jessica Alba Did When The Sun Decided To Shine, 2011

Scour the internet for beauty tips. You don’t necessarily need really expensive makeup to achieve a celebrity look.

Fearne Cotton Adds A Splash Of Colour To A Drab Outfit With Statement Red Jeans, 2011

Find a good regimen for your skin. Remember to wash your face twice a day as well as exfoliate with a scrub once a week. Moisturize you skin every night and drink lots of water for healthy Flawless skin.
Sometimes, you can go shopping in your closets. You may have clothes you could put together in ways you didn’t know. No need to break the bank.


Ashley garners my attention with her minimal choices and sharp accessories, while Nicky Hilton will forever be California chic. Kate Moss always looks like she’s living out of a suitcase, but pulls it off with aplomb. I am always curious to see what mommy, celebrity, and fashion designer Victoria Beckam  squeezes into, and Gwyneth Paltrow made a serious style comeback this year in her black minis and teetering heels.

Claudia Schiffer Looks Picture-Perfect On The School Run, 2011


A celebrity’s attitude (think gorgeous, feel gorgeous, be gorgeous! be confident-not cocky!)

Blake Lively street style

A simple white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, an oversized original expensive handbag and a warm big smile and WOW you’ve got the perfect celebrity street style look!!! 🙂

PS : I know I shouldn’t but I want this bag!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      That’s exactly what I was thinking now… my daughter has ‘nothing to wear’ and she is checking the looks for inspiration..

      By the way, for me one of the top trendy items is Kate Moss’s hat!


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