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Red Carpet Celebrity Fashion Trend- 60 Christian Louboutin Shoes - TrendSurvivor

Red Carpet Celebrity Fashion Trend- 60 Christian Louboutin Shoes

Christian Louboutin exclusive limited collection

Christian Louboutin exclusive limited collection

Christian Louboutin
Red Soles on the Red Carpet

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Celebrities choose the best Christian Louboutin High Heel Sandals and Stiletto Shoes!!!
There’s something about those red soles that the A-list can’t resist. There is something about those red soles that makes us want them! You will always find top trendy celebrities wearing them! They are  not comfortable but we love them! Have a look at the hottest celebrities wearing Christian Louboutin shoes and see how they create their looks.  Enjoy on trendsurvivor blog all the high heel shoes fashion trends!!! To Shop my favorite Christian Louboutin shoes click on thumbnails at the bottom of this page :)…

High Heel Stilettos red sole Louboutin

The top must have designs by Christian Louboutin are sky high sexy sandals and pumps worn by fabulous celebrities with amazing top designer clothes!

Olivia Wilde Christian Louboutin Shoes

Kate Perry, silver dress and stiletto shoes

Kim Kardashian, Silver dress, silver stiletto shoes

Dita Von Tissen, 1950s dress, Louboutin shoes


Khloe kardashian, black outfit, louboutin booties

FAN-BING-BING, Total nude color outfit, hat, Louboutin Shoes

Sex and the city….  From Manolos to Louboutins?

For the characters of the hit TV series Sex And The City, shoes represented more than just something to adorn one’s feet. During filming of the second movie instalment, actresses Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker showed off their red Louboutin soles with flair on the streets of New York. Somehow Christian Louboutin makes shoes sexier?…Xmm maybe some designs…


Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City Louboutins
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City in Louboutins!
Sparkling Stilettos Christian Louboutin
Sparkling Stilettos by Christian Louboutin

Sex and the city Gold Louboutin stiletto shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louboutins
Sarah Jessica Parker in Louboutins
Christian Louboutin Gold black lace
Blake Lively Red Louboutin Shoes
Blake Lively Red Louboutin Shoes

Jennier Love Hewitt, Shoes

Paulina Rubio, Shoes

Emmy Rossum , shoes

Christian Louboutin VS Yves Saint Laurant

Louboutin, 47, is now suing French label Yves Saint Laurent, claiming certain models of their Tribute, Palais and Woodstock styles, which are stocked at a number of stores also selling Louboutins, feature a red lacquered sole and are an infringement of his trademark. Louboutin is seeking an injunction against continued sales, as well as more than $1m (£611,000) in damages. Can he win? We will see!!

Dakotta Fanning Nude cocktail dress, Nude Louboutin high heels

Fergie red strapless dress, stiletto high heels

Lydia Heart White dress, louboutin Sandals 2011

Jessica Alba, Black suit, stiletto shoes
Penelope-Cruz fuchsia dress, black peep toe shoes Louboutin

The famous red sole!

The label sells more than 500,000 pairs of shoes a year in over 46 countries, with prices ranging from £295 for an espadrille, to several thousand pounds for a bespoke design.

Louboutin invented the red sole in 1993 while scrutinising a prototype. “There was this big, black sole,” he said, “and then, thank God, there was this girl painting her nails.” He used her red nail varnish to cover the rubber sole, thereby inventing one of fashion’s most recognisable status symbols. But it took him until 2007 to patent the red sole. “The shiny red colour has no function other than to identify to the public that they are mine,” he told a court in his application. That is sooo true!!!

Jennifer Gardner, pink dress, louboutin shoes

Mischa Burton white dress, Louboutin booties

Looking back at the history of Louboutin shoes, what’s most surprising to Christian Louboutin now?

What was called extreme 20 years ago definitely isn’t extreme anymore. When I started, I remember people saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t walk in that!’ It was like, three inches—they look like kitten heels now. The low cleavage I was doing was considered too sexy, but now what I call a low cleavage is much lower. It’s really very much a mental shift. I remember doing very pointy lasts. People would say, ‘I like the shoe, but it’s too pointy.’ And then the year after, it’s fine.

Jennifer Lopez, white dress, Louboutin high heels
Christian Louboutin will be celebrating his company’s 20th anniversary next year. What are his plans?

“I’m working on the book. It’s a lot of archives, shoes that no longer exist that I have to redo. The foreword will be done by  John Malkovich” he told to Darrell Hartman at

Mila Kunis Nude long dress, gold louboutin shoes

Kate Bosworth floral dress and louboutin shoes

Megan Fox pink dress, shoes louboutin

Lea Michele red dress, louboutin shoes, hair makeup

Zoe Zaldana white dress, louboutin shoes, hair makeup

Heidi Klum, White yellow dress, Louboutin Bow shoes

Taylor Swift, Green dress, Louboutins

RIHANNA Long natural hair,white dress, nude louboutin stiletto shoes

Little Black Dress with Louboutins…. Wow!!!
Heidi Klum, strapless little black dress, louboutin shoes

Kate Borworth, Little Black dress, louboutin shoes

Blake Lively Little Black dress and Louboutins

Ciara, Little Black dress, shoes Louboutin

Jessica Alba Little black dress, louboutin shoes
Jessica Alba

Nicky Hilton, Little Black dress, louboutin booties

Victoria Beckam Rodarte shoes by Louboutin
Victoria Beckam in Rodarte shoes by Louboutin

Dianne Kruger, Little black dress, stiletto shoes

MILA-KUNIS Little black dress, louboutins

Jada Pinkett Smith, LBD dress, louboutin shoes

Christian  Louboutin Nude Peep Toes : Celebrity favorite for 2011

The Christian  Louboutin Nude Peep Toes is by far the Celebrity favorite for 2011. Check out how the stars match them to their outfits…I love Penelope Cruz with her fitted nude strapless dress and her nude high heel peep toe shoes at the 64 Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 13th! No doubt, going “nude” is the hottest 2011 trend!

Nude Peep Toe Louboutins Shoes Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere
Penelope Cruz wearing nude dress with Louboutin Nude peep toe shoes in Cannes 2011
Koutrtney Kardashian Louboutin shoes 2011
Koutrtney Kardashian
Jennifer Lopez Shoes 2011
Jennifer Lopez Shoes 2011
Kim Kardashian Louboutin nude stilettos
Kim Kardashian in Louboutin nude stilettos

How does he decide which women get their own shoe?

“It’s not like I’m thinking, ‘I have to do a shoe for this person.’ Often the name comes after. I look at the thing and it really makes me think of [a particular woman]—that’s one process, and it’s not difficult. Basically, if you don’t know the person, it’s more liberating. It’s easier.”

Christian Louboutin portait
Christian Louboutin portait

My Louboutins are Gold!!!

Nina Papaioannou, Gold Christian Louboutin shoes, with a juicy dress and Falke leggings
Gold Christian Louboutin shoes, with a juicy dress and Falke leggings

I bought my favorite Louboutins, two years ago, on sale at net a porter! They are gold  and therefore easy to match with many of my clothes. I love them because believe it or not they are comfortable ( maybe it’s the strap that hold them in place) and they make me feel… confident and happy !!! 🙂

Shop my favorite Christian Louboutin Sandals

Shop my favorite Christian Louboutin boots

Shop my favorite Christian Louboutin stiletto pumps

Have a lovely Day!!!


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