Casual Blue

Casual Skinny Blue Topshop Colored jeans Outfit
Casual Skinny Blue Topshop Colored jeans Outfit

Hi Guys!!! As you must have realized by now, blue is on the top of my favorite colors list. When I was a little girl all my drawings and outfits included turquoise. So when I went to Topshop in London and saw all the new bright colored skinny jeans even though pink and yellow where considered, I entered the changing room with the turquoise blue one. As you can see, I took it to the cashier’s desk :). I matched here with earth toned accessories.


Colored jeans outfit dog knitted sweater
Colored jeans outfit Oliver and knitted sweater
Colored jeans outfit dog
Colored jeans outfit
Colored ethnik bracelets dog
Colored ethnik bracelets and Oliver
Celine Sandals metal heel blue jeans
Celine Sandals metal heel
Blue jeans Outfit Collage
Blue jeans Outfit Collage

Sweater Topshop,

Jeans Blue Topshop,

Sunglasses Miu Miu,

Bracelets Oysho,

Handbag Loewe,

Sandals Celine

Have a Lovely Day!!!



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