Carnival Party Ideas | The Flattering, Easy, Stylish Ones


I am invited to a Carnival party this weekend, so I am in the search of inspiring Halloween makeup ideas. As I am not a big fun of costumes that make you ugly, or fat or anything unflattering, I thought  some extreme makeup with a little black dress or red would be just what I need.

That said,  Extreme Carnival Fashion Ideas is one of my popular posts.

Check out my Top 5 flattering, Stylish and easy to implement Halloween Ideas:

1. Cat Girl


Cat Girl Carnival makeup

If you are looking for a pretty version of a cat girl makeup, here are two options easy to implement.

cat woman chic makeup

cat eye extreme Halloween


2. Crystal Makeup


Vitaliy Reznichenko | Beauty Fashion Makeup crystal

Beauty and Fashion photographer Vitaliy Reznichenko captured this Beauty Fashion Halloween Makeup.

crystal extreme makeup


3. Flower headpiece makeup Carnival Idea


Frida Kahlo makeup idea

Wether you are going for a Frida Kahlo inspired makeup idea or a retro chic black flower headpiece, or even a flower mask, you will need to do some easy DIY.  Nothing major but you will need a few silk flowers to start with.

flower hat black

flower maske


4.  Arlequin Chic


Arlequin makeup Stylish Halloween

If you want to channel the most well known comic servant character from the Italian Commedia dell’arte , in a chic stylish way, use black gold and silver face paint and do geometric shapes on your face.


5. Makeup Lichtenstein Comics Pop Art Inspired

comics Lichtenstein makeup

comics lips Halloween

comics Roy Lichtenstein makeup

My favorite is  from a beauty editorial published in Vogue Japan.  Inspired by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein this one ticks all the boxes.  Pretty, Artistic, Feminine, Unique, Fun!!!

Images- Vogue Japan,  Rebelliousdaisy, Pinterest,


Carnival Halloween Shopping



Have a lovely Day!!!


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