Carmen Dell’Orefice Style has no Age Inspiring at 83

Today is my birthday and I feel … young 🙂 Famous American model and actress Carmen Dell’Orefice,  is an inspiration! Extraordinary beauty and gallows humor has been her passport.

Planning her life from age 80 to 100 she declares “If I die it will be with my high heels on.”

She posed for Salvador Dalí in his suite at the St. Regis hotel, in Manhattan, in the spring of 1946, when she was 14.

Her evolution from shy, skinny teenager to still-sexy grande dame has been charted by the defining image-makers of successive generations, from Beaton, Avedon, and Penn to Bruce Weber, Terry Richardson, and Nick Knight.

When David Downton, the amazing fashion illustrator, drew her for Vanity Fair, at 2014, she was back at the St. Regis, in fine fettle.


 David Downton

Style has no age

Age and glasses of wine

Carmen Dell’Orefice told, ‘I’ve had more covers in the past 15 years than I had in all the years before that’

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