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Brighten up with flower ice cubes

Brighten up with flower ice cubes


Savor the beauty of flowers and herbs. Freeze them in ice cubes to brighten drinks and …. your face.

In Iceland, using flowers and herbs in ice cubes is part of day-to-day culture for pore tightening, inflammation-reducing, and skin-brightening benefits.

In USA it’s part of a pretty decor.

rose flower ice cubes

Flower Ice Cubes Ingredients List

Ice cube mold
1 cup rosewater
1 cup dried rose petals or rosebuds
3 drops rose essential oil
1 cup distilled water
½ cup aloe vera

TIP : For ice that’s especially clear, use distilled water that has been boiled and then cooled. This limits impurities and air bubbles, which make ice cloudy.

Easy Instructions

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl, stir very gently, and then pour the liquid into each of the ice molds.

Add flowers or herbs facing down before you place the trays in the freezer.

ice cubes flowers

How to use flower ice cubes

You can gently roll one all over your face and neck, paying special attention to the eyelids and sides of the nose to brighten your face.

You could also use them in drinks but make sure you use only edible flowers, such as orchids, nasturtiums, pansies, and snapdragons, that have been grown to be eaten.

edible flower ice cubes

This will make drinking water far more interesting.

If you want to learn more the medicinal powers of flowers and herbs, Anna Rosa Robertsdottir’s encyclopedic tome, Icelandic Herbs and Their Medicinal Uses, is a brilliant and comprehensive anthology about the medicinal powers of 90 native herbs in Iceland. She describes the history, uses, harvesting, drying, and storage of the plants, and includes a wealth of detailed instructions for their preparation–including infusions, decoctions, tinctures, and syrups.

flower ice cubes ice bucket

Love this idea of decorating an ice bucket with floral ice cubes, especially when dinning al fresco.

Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. Love the ice cubes……I will do it with mint and lemon slice …thanks for the great ideas???

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